About Prestige Packing Industry

“Prestige Packing Industry LLC” is established in United Arab Emirates at 2011 as a company for manufacturing disposable hygienic aluminum foil food containers, lids and house hold foils. Within a limited span of time company achieved an innovative and meaningful role in the fast growing disposable food packing industry of Middle East and south Asian markets. The company facilitates an area of one hundred and fifty square feet and has all kinds of products which are widely used in food factories, Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Airline and Families. In 2013 company entered to the production of microwave plastic food constrainers (pp), cake boards and all type of paper bags. As a company in Dub ai, transportation is most convenient and affordable to all part of the world.

Welcome To Prestige Packing Industry

Our company facilitates in 12000 sq meter area for the production of wide range of hygienic Aluminum products which are mainly used in the food factories, Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Airline catering and we meets the various homely requirements. In the year 2013 company entered in the production of microwave plastic food containers (pp) & cake boards. As a company in Dubai, an affordable and most convenient transportation is possible to all over the world.

Prestige Packaging is a decade old company established by highly experienced and qualified team. It has its manufacturing base at Umm al Quwain, an industrial hub in Umm al Quwain , UAE. Having started simply as a foil producer in the initial years, the company has gradually expanded its product portfolio to include, apart from aluminum foils of all gauges and thickness; laminated foils for packaging purposes; rolled coils and even ingots. A one of its kind castor in India has been specially imported for offering better value products to our UAE based customers.

Organizational mission statement: "WE SERVE WITH DIGNITY FOR A SAFE FOOD" Dignity of the individual, excellence and service: Everything will be changed according to the circustanes but these three things will never change almost like osmosis. According to the basic concept of organization we stand for this three fundamental. By knowing a stable and effective mission statement is vital for a successful organization we developed an effective mission statement which comes from within the bowels of the organization with the significant involvement of the all members of the organization. This belief system has spread throughout the entire organization providing a tremendous values, confidence and personal security for every one of the organization which leads to deep shared vision and values and interdependence of everyone in the organization.

Our Vision & Mission

In the fast growing disposable hygienic food packing industry of GCC Market we are focusing to achieve truly important and meaningful role for our company. To become a regional market leader, the company has to build its fundamental corner stone on certain philosophical pillars which are as follows: